Brendalyn Berroa

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My interest:

  1. Flowers(meaning)
  2. Stories
  3. Art

About me:

I love using my imagination, and storytelling. At a young, I started drawing and expanding my imagination to new ideas and new projects. I always wanted to draw stories or show my work to other people. I always love animation and art. Pursuing a career in Design BFA has allowed me to explore the things I like and learn new skills to go out into the world and do what I love the most, express myself in art. I want to work in a place where I can feel passionate and love for expressing myself and showing the world my art and talent. Something about me is, my love for nature and my affection for animals.I hope someday I could do a graphic novel about nature and the importance of keeping the planet clean safe for all living being. On my page I want to talk about flowers and their meaning, I want to show my art and some of my stories. I hope you enjoy them, as I do.


Daisy flowers, represent innocene and purity. Daisies flowers are common and you can find them anywhere, some common places could europe, north america and africa. Daisies are one of my favorite flowers because they represent purity and innocences.


Sunflowers symbolized light, loyalty and adoration. Some cultures like the incas, worshipped sunflowers because they beleive sunflowers are connected to the sun god so, some people would take them to their temples as a offering to their god. Some people believe sunflowers would bring alignment and peace to their lifes. I love sunflowers, I love their colors and their representation. I also love how sunflowers because of my little sister, somehow when I see sunflowers they remind me of her.